Top Free Prompt Engineering Course

Elevate Your Skills: Top 6 Free Courses for Prompt Engineering!

Here is a list of six free courses for prompt engineering, two of which are from OpenAI engineer, that you can start right now!

We live in a world where communicating with AI isn’t just a skill but a necessity. Robin Li, co-founder and CEO of Baidu, predicts that half of the world’s jobs will involve prompt engineering in ten years. Although many think that Prompt Engineering isn’t really a job, it is a great skill to have as AI shapes the global job market. This isn’t about becoming a Prompt Engineer per se—it’s about ensuring your relevance in a future where AI interaction is as fundamental as using a smartphone today. Here are the top six free online courses on Prompt Engineering I found online. 

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    1. Learn Prompt Engineering – Full Course (Free Course)

    This free prompt engineering course is developed by Ania Kubów and provided by She is a popular instructor on YouTube and has created several courses on ChatGPT. 

    Course Duration: 42 minutes

    Here are the topics you will learn about in this course:

    • What is Prompt Engineering?
    • Introduction to AI
    • Why is Machine learning useful?
    • Linguistics
    • Language Models
    • Prompt Engineering Mindset
    • Using GPT-4
    • Best practices
    • Zero shot and few shot prompts
    • AI hallucinations
    • Vectors/text embeddings
    free courses for prompt engineering
    Free Prompt Engineering Course in Collaboration with OpenAI

    This free prompt engineering short course was taught by Isa Fulford (OpenAI) and Andrew Ng (DeepLearning.AI). Isa Fulford is currently a Technical Staff member at OpenAI. It is a very well-organized course that is recommended for developers. You can earn a Certificate of Completion. 

    In the “ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers” course, you will learn:

    • Efficient application development with large language models (LLMs).
    • Building innovative features using the OpenAI API.
    • Understanding LLMs, prompt engineering best practices, and LLM API usage for tasks such as summarizing, inferring, transforming, and expanding text.
    • Principles for effective prompt writing and systematic prompt engineering.
    • Building a custom chatbot.
    • Practical experience with prompt engineering in a Jupyter Notebook environment.

    This free prompt engineering short course was taught by Shyamal Anadkat (OpenAI) and Sander Schulhoff (Founder & CEO of Learn Prompting). Shyamal Anadkat is a member of the Applied AI Team at OpenAI and the creator of the ChatGPT. Shyamal holds a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from Duke University. This course is for everyone and very well designed. 

    Course Duration: 1.5 Hrs (25 Lesson)

    Here are the topics you will learn about in this course:

    • ChatGPT for Everyday Writing
    • ChatGPT for Content Creation
    • ChatGPT for Learning
    • ChatGPT as a Mock Interviewer
    • ChatGPT for Tech Support
    • ChatGPT for Software Development
    • ChatGPT as a Personal Tutor 
    • The Five Components of a Prompt
    • Improving your Prompt
    • Custom Instructions 
    • Using ChatGPT’s Vision Capabilities
    • ChatGPT: Access the Internet
    • ChatGPT: Advanced Data Analysis
    • ChatGPT: DALL·E 3
    • Limitations, Biases, Data Privacy

    This free prompt engineering course is for you if you like reading instead of watching videos. Sunil Ramlochan, the enterprise AI Strategist, wrote all its contents.

    In the “Prompt Engineering Masterclass,” participants will learn:

    • Real-world applications and advanced techniques in prompt engineering for generative AI.
    • Basics and deep dives into generative AI and large language models.
    • Utilizing AI models like ChatGPT for diverse tasks, including conversation, innovation, and problem-solving.
    • Integration of AI in enterprise, focusing on innovation, security, and strategic implementation.
    • Exploration of the startup landscape with generative AI technologies.
    • Hands-on examples demonstrating practical uses of prompt engineering in various domains.
    • Access to tools, resources, and a community for ongoing learning and application in the field.
    • Exclusive content and expert guidance for members, enhancing their AI and prompt engineering skills.

    The course is led by the skilled Treasure Porth, an experienced software engineer and educator since 2015. If you are a web developer, then this course is highly recommended.

    Course Duration: 3 Hours, 13 minutes

    Here are the topics you will learn about in this course:

    • Prompt engineering – basic strategies
    • Al-powered job search & interview help
    • Al pitfalls
    • Generate test cases, edge cases, debugging
    • Al-powered code conversation
    • Al-powered coding
    • Role-based prompting
    • Generate code with pseudocode
    • Al-powered documentation
    • Al-powered code study

    Udemy provides this course for free. It teaches you using Real-Life examples. You might not like the instructor’s accent. There is no certificate included with this course.  10,304 students enrolled in this course with 4.1 ratings. 

    Duration: 1 Hour

    In the “ChatGPT Prompt Engineering (Free Course)”, participants will learn:

    • The foundational concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI), including Large Language Models (LLM), Generative Text Models (GTM), and Natural Language Processing (NLP).
    • An introduction to the art and science of Prompt Engineering and its significance across various industries.
    • Practical, real-life examples that illustrate how to enhance the effectiveness of prompts for LLMs like ChatGPT and Google Bard.
    • Techniques to produce high-quality AI-generated content that engages and captivates your audience.
    • Advanced applications of Prompt Engineering, especially when combined with Python programming, to unlock innovative capabilities.
    • The limitations of Large Language Models and how to navigate them in your Prompt Engineering endeavours.
    • Key elements and secrets of Prompt Engineering that differentiate effective prompts from the rest.
    • An overview of LLM models, concepts, and terminologies crucial for mastering Prompt Engineering.
    • This course is designed for anyone interested in AI, from beginners to seasoned programmers, offering a comprehensive exploration of Prompt Engineering at no cost.

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